ACE Bucks image
ACE Bucks are HERE!  

Teams participating in certain ACE Athletics events will be given vouchers or ACE Bucks for each member of the participating team, including coaches, but NOT exceeding a total of $150 ACE Bucks (worth $10 per voucher) at the team's sign-in for that event.  The ACE Bucks can be used for the following:

  • Concessions
    • If the $10 ACE Bucks are used for concessions, it's a ONE TIME shot.  NO money or credit is returned to one using the ACE Bucks, so please be sure to use it all at one visit to the concession stand.
  • Apparel
    • You can use the $10 ACE Bucks towards the purchase of any ACE Athletics approved apparel at the event to which ACE Bucks are issued.          
  • Skills Competitions 
    • The participant may use the $10 ACE Bucks towards any special skills event that ACE Athletics will be putting on, such as:
      • Home Run Derby 
      • Around the Horn 
      • Long Kick Contest 
      • Plus, any other announced skills competitions